Brachioplasty or arm lifts aim to make the arms look more toned by removing excess skin and fat from the area that extends from the arm pit to the elbow. The arm will start to droop with age and can be intensified when a person loses a significant amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time. This sagging can also be caused by certain conditions and genetics. While many people try to rectify this situation with exercise, this will simply strengthen the muscles and have no effect on the skin and so the drooping appearance will remain.

Who is it suitable for?

Brachioplasty is suitable for those who have excessive sagging, whether it be due to the normal ageing process or because of weight related issues. Some people who have excessive fat or loose skin under their arms are quite self-conscious, hindering them from wearing the things they like or participating in social or sport related activities. This type of procedure is suitable for those who are well aware of the risks and the likely results they would expect after the surgery and those realistic about the outcome. While it can significantly reduce the sagging skin, there are scars and some loose skin left behind.

How the procedure is performed

Performed under general anaesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision. The length and the shape of the incision will be dependent on the patient and how much skin is required to be removed. It is important to note that those who are removing a significant amount of skin will have an incision that spans from the elbow to the armpit, which will leave a scar.

Once the incision has been made, excess fat is then removed from the area using liposuction. In order to give the arm a smoother, more toned appearance, the underlying muscles are then tightened using stitches. A tube is placed underneath the skin in order to drain excess blood and fluid. The last step is to close the incision and start the post-operative care and healing process.

Post-op care

There are a few important steps that need to be taken once the procedure is complete, which includes keeping the incision area clean and dry at all times, dressing the incisions, taking any prescribed medications as directed, avoiding heavy lifting and avoiding excessive movement or force for the time period determined by your surgeon.

The risks

Like any surgery, there are risks you need to consider before making the decision to continue. There is always a possibility of a reaction to:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Infection
  • blood clots
  • fluid build-up
  • bleeding

When it comes to this procedure, there is a chance that

  • the arms will be uneven
  • the skin of each arm will be lumpy in appearance
  • There may be damage to underlying tissues
  • Large, inflamed scarring will appear that does not fade as expected

It is important to go over all of the risks associated with any procedure before giving consent to go ahead with the surgery.

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