A breast lift, which is also known as mastopexy, is the process of removing excess skin from the breast in order to reshape and raise them. By removing excess skin the breast can regain its firmness, and a surgeon may also reposition the nipples and areolas when required. In some circumstances, patients choose to also undergo an augmentation at the same time, where an implant is inserted to increase the volume of the breast whilst also having them lifted.

A breast lift is sought after by women who have experienced excessive sagging or loss of shape. This happens naturally as women age and their skin elasticity reduces. This can also occur after significant weight loss and pregnancy. In some instances women will opt for a lift when they have breasts that are asymmetrical and are wishing to remedy it.

The ideal candidate for this procedure will have breasts that have sagged but are of a satisfactory size. It is particularly suited to women who have nipples that are pointing downwards. While this is a procedure that can be completed at potentially any age, surgeons strongly recommend it is not considered until after the patient’s breast development has stopped.

How it is performed

The process of lifting the breasts is quite similar to the breast reduction process, however only excess skin is removed instead of the tissue underneath. In order to achieve the desired shape and areola/nipple position, the surgeon will make an incision around the areola and position the nipple higher while removing the excess skin of the breast. If a patient is having a breast augmentation packages as well as a lift, implants will be inserted prior to closing the incision. Once closed, gauze is applied as well as bandages or a surgical bra. A support bra will be worn in the following weeks whilst healing.

How it is performed

Any surgery comes with risk and it is important to be fully aware of any possible complications before agreeing to have the procedure. As with any surgery where anaesthesia is used, there is always the possibility of a reaction. There is also the possibility of bleeding, infection and scarring.

Risks that are specifically associated with the breast lift surgery includes:

  • Complications with the implants if the patient has chosen an augmentation as well as lift
  • Results that are not as expected (a patient should have realistic expectations on what their breast will look like after the surgery)
  • Loss of sensation in the nipples and areolas (this is particularly a risk when a major repositioning has been completed.

Your surgeon will consult with you and thoroughly go through the process, possible risks and the type of outcome you can expect from the procedure. It is important to ask any questions, voice concerns or ask for further clarification whenever necessary in order to make an informed decision.

How it is performed

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