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Procedures Price Guide THB
Breast Surgery
Augmentation Mammoplasty (Round Profile)
Augmentation Mammoplasty 110,000.00
Augmentation Mammoplasty (Implant >350 ml.) 115,500.00
Augmentation Mammoplasty (Endoscope) 136,000.00
Second Mammoplasty (Reimplant, Change Size )
Second Mammoplasty (Reimplant, change size> 350) 170,000.00
Second Mammoplasty (Reimplant) 165,000.00
Correction Complicated Mammoplasty + New Implant
Correction complicated Mammoplasty 180,000.00
Removal breast implant 72,000.00
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Without Implant
Round block technic 115,000.00
Vertical technic 130,000.00
Inverted T 140,000.00
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) With Implant
Round block technic 154,000.00
Vertical technic 165,000.00
Inverted T 170,000.00
Reduction Mammoplasty
Reduction Mammoplasty 145,000.00
Reduction Mammoplasty (complicate) 165,000.00
Male Breast Correction (Gynecomastia)
Subcutaneous Mastectomy – one side 66,000.00
Subcutaneous Mastectomy – both sides 120,000.00
Liposuction technic – one side 60,000.00
Liposuction technic – both sides 88,000.00
Subcutaneous Mastectomy for female to male 132,000.00
Inverted Nipple Correction, both sides 35,000.00
Reduction of Nipple Size 35,000.00
Reduction of Areolar Size 35,000.00
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Upper Blepharoplasty 25,000.00
Upper Blepharoplasty under GA 39,000.00
Lower Blepharoplasty 25,000.00
Lower Blepharoplasty under GA 39,000.00
Upper and lower Blepharoplasty 48,000.00
Upper and lower Blepharoplasty under GA 66,000.00
Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
Augmentation Rhinoplasty 22,000.00
Augmentation Rhinoplasty under GA 37,000.00
Alarplasty 16,500.00
Rhinoplasty+Alarplasty 35,000.00
Revision Augmentation Rhinoplasty 44,000.00
Remove Silicone implant 14,000.00
Remove Injected Silicone / FB 18,000.00
Correction Rhinoplasty [simple] 88,000.00
Correction Rhinoplasty [complicated] 110,000.00
Correction Rhinoplasty [complicated] 132,000.00
Facial Lifting Surgery
Standard Face Neck Lift 140,000.00
Upper or Lower Blep+Standard Face Neck Lift 150,000.00
Upper or Lower Blep+Standard Face Neck Lift 160,000.00
Upper+Lower Blep+Standard Face Neck Lift 170,000.00
Upper+Lower Blep+Standard Face Neck Lift 190,000.00
Face Lift under GA 120,000.00
Neck Lift under GA 110,000.00
Submental Neck Lift 66,000.00
Submental Neck Lift under GA 88,000.00
Brow Lift (Temporal approch Lift) 66,000.00
Brow Lift (Temporal approch Lift) under GA 88,000.00
Brow Lift (Endoscopy) under GA 198,000.00
Forehead Lift (Coronal incision) 120,000.00
Forehead Lift (Coronal incision) * with other Op Ask Us
Other Facial Procedures
Bat Ear correction, both sides 50,000.00
Cheek Augmentation with fat graft 60,000.00
Cheek Augmentation with Implant 70,000.00
Cheek dimple one side 12,000.00
Cheek dimple both sides 21,000.00
Lip Surgery
Lip Augmentation with fat graft 66,000.00
Cheek and Lip Augmentation with fat graft 66,000.00
Chin Augmentation with Implant 45,000.00
Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant (600 grafts) 110,000.00
Hair Transplant (601-800 grafts) 120,000.00
Hair Transplant (801-1000 grafts) 140,000.00
Hair Transplant (1001-1200 grafts) 160,000.00
Body Contour
Mini Abdominoplasty 88,000.00
Abdominoplasty (anterior,conventional) 143,000.00
ABDOMINOPLASTY Ant.-Post. (Belt Tummy Tuck)
Abdominoplasty (anterior+posterior) 180,000.00
Thigh lift both sides 121,000.00
Buttock lift both sides 121,000.00
Arm lift both sides 121,000.00
Vaser Liposuction
Liposuction Neck, Chin 55,000.00
Liposuction both arm 71,000.00
Liposuction Abdomen & Waist 82,000.00
Liposuction Abdomen & Waist, large size 92,000.00
Liposuction Back & Hips 82,000.00
Liposuction Back & Hips, large size 92,000.00
Liposuction Thights and buttock 83,000.00
Liposuction both Thights, whole thigh , large size 140,000.00
Other Minor Surgery
Excision , simple 8,800.00
Excision , complicated 16,500.00
Skin Biopsy 11,000.00
Surgery for Skin Cancer
Wide Excision with Flap coverage Ask Us
Wide Excision with small lesion , simple flap 24,200.00
Wide Excision with large lesion , complicate flap 83,000.00
Scar Revision , simple , less than 3 cm. 18,000.00
Scar Revision, complicated lesion , area 35,000.00
Z-plasty, W-plasty 18,000.00

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