This cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to enlarge, alter or enhance the shape of a patient’s chest through the use of either silicone or saline filled implants. A patient may elect to have this procedure done as a reconstructive technique following a mastectomy, to balance different sizes, or to emphasise the natural curves of the body. Whatever the desired purpose, patients who undergo this enhancement can expect to have larger, firmer, and more aesthetically satisfying breasts.

Breast Implants in Thailand

In Australia this procedure is costly and often involves being placed on a hospital waiting list for an extended period of time. If you choose to undergo your breast augmentation in Thailand, you are able to circumvent these problems as there are no waiting lists and the surgery comes at a fraction of the cost.

Love your look with high quality implants

Integral Medical Solutions offers a comprehensive, high quality packages that will help you achieve the breasts you want. Your procedure will be completed at the Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Centre, which is part of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. As a world class hospital this facility offers the highest standard of care that is comparable, and in some aspects better, than the quality of care you would receive in Australia. Your breast implants will be inserted by a team of highly trained medical specialists working with the most advanced medical techniques, materials and technology available.

Clients who opt to go with our augmentation packages in Thailand will receive:

  • Attentive medical care
  • Surgery in world class facilities
  • Aesthetically pleasing and high quality implants.

Augmentation packages designed with affordability in mind

If you choose to have breast implants in Thailand with Integral Medical Solutions, you are also entitled to access a number of our other services including a reasonable payment plan, attentive, medically trained staff to oversee your Thailand trip and the option of purchasing insurance which is tailored to people undertaking medical tourism through our partnership with Global Protective Solutions. If you would like more information about our breast augmentation packages, or to see if you are a suitable candidate for this surgery, please fill out the online consultation form or contact and begin your journey towards achieving the look you want.

We specialise in a range of other services including liposuction, tummy tucks and othopedic surgery.

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