Vaser liposelection is used to create a more toned and sculpted figure for patients. To achieve the desired results, unwanted fat is eliminated from the body. This procedure is painless and requires minimal downtime. This makes it a great alternative to those considering a traditional liposuction, which can be a more expensive, invasive and uncomfortable procedure.

Lipo selection by Vaser is suitable for both males and females looking to improve the appearance of specific areas of their body. Highly versatile, this is a lipo method that can be used on a number of areas, including:

  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • arms
  • love handles
  • hips
  • chest
  • breasts
  • knees
  • waist
  • back
  • buttocks
  • neck

How it works

Vaser Lipo varies from the usual lipo procedures, which utilise laser technology. To sculpt the body, the Vaser system uses ultrasound technology that will emulsify fats. Its special design enables the user to target and get rid of fatty deposits while leaving other body tissues. The procedure is performed using the system’s small probe, which will deliver low level ultrasonic vibrations in the chosen area to target fatty deposits. After the fatty tissue is liquefied, it can be excreted by the body naturally. It can also be removed by specially designed equipment.

The benefits

Using this option to remove unwanted fat can offer a number of benefits over other alternatives. It is a safe and effective procedure that can result in tightening of the skin and a sculpted body thanks to fat loss. This option lowers the risk of bleeding, discomfort and bruising and also requires minimal downtime, which is often a major concern for patients.

As this is a surgical procedure, it is important for patients considering this type of solution to thoroughly research and understand the procedure before undergoing treatment. Medical staff will consult with you prior to the procedure to ensure all of your questions are answered and the risks and expected results are explained to you in detail.

The benefits

For people considering lipo procedures, a massive factor that comes into consideration will be the price. Any surgical procedure can become quite costly, leaving people looking for more affordable options. Here at Integral Medical Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping clients receive the same level of care they would expect to find in Australia in an accredited Thailand hospital.

Travelling to Thailand for your medical care is an efficient and more cost effective way of getting the procedure you want. With our partnership with Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, we can facilitate medical procedures for our clients in Australia. Keeping quality and superior patient care in mind, we offer a convenient service that makes organising procedures an easy process.

Making your health and welling our top priority, we offer each of our clients consultations with a registered nurse here in Australia. Our consultations are conducted before and after your procedure. Of course, we are here to assist you throughout the process too.

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