Matthew Erickson

Matthew has enjoyed over fifteen years in the Australian healthcare industry working in private and public pathology, and a number of years as an experienced Account Manager supplying product and client support to private and public healthcare services.

Matthew believes that everyone no matter what their situation is deserves to have access to a healthcare service whatever their procedure may be, whilst receiving the expected high level of patient care at an affordable price minus any waiting list.

Importantly for your medical journey you will have access to an experienced, compliant, and professional Australian Registered Nurse. Starting with your pre surgery consultation right through to your post surgery consultation. At all times Integral Medical Solutions will be working within all medical and surgical standards and guidelines.

As Director of Integral Medical Solutions, Matthew seeks to consolidate and build on Integral Medical Solutions position and reputation, nationally and internationally.

“Integral Medical Solutions are excited to partner with Bangkok Hospital Pattaya which is a highly respected and JCI accredited hospital, this will give us the confidence of promoting and offering a variety of equivalent medical procedures for all classes of people. We are proud to offer Australians access to:

A world class standard of excellence in healthcare;
Experienced and highly credentialed healthcare workers;
Modern hospital facilities; and State-of-the-art technology.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and Integral Medical Solutions are committed to providing a high level of patient care, and quality assurance. We are confident your medical journey will meet or exceed your expectation. The patient is our number one priority”

At the end of the day our clients approach us because of our credibility, clinical expertise, experience, and strong reputation within the healthcare industry.”


Ann Kelly RN. Grad Cert VET.

Ann is a Registered Nurse with a rich and varied career profile. After graduating from the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, she worked in doctor’s rooms prior to embarking on a new direction in Melbourne Pathology. Her sound collection skills and impressive management style quickly saw her achieve supervisory positions, where her staff were privileged to have access to both her knowledge, and sense of humour.

Ann’s clinical skills have been complemented by further qualifications within the nursing and teaching framework; she has utilized these in her employment in the acute clinical setting. Her friendly, personable styles, and lifelong love of learning, have ensured that she presents as a dynamic nurse, with the perfect mix of empathy and knowledge, with sound clinical skills.
As Clinical Director of Integral Medical Solutions, Ann’s role is to ensure that each individual has their requirements met to achieve the optimal medical and surgical solution. She will be there at every point of the journey, and will ensure that each person is deemed suitable for the elective procedure being performed. Be assured that all medical and surgical standards will be adhered to, with stringent standards of infection control adhered to. All clinicians involved with the company are of the highest calibre, and we are proud to have secured their services.

At Integral Medical Solutions we are determined to ensure that our clients have only premium quality clinical expertise to ensure the medical journey.
A partnership between Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and Integral Medical Solutions offers the best clinical care available.
This partnership is a commitment to exceptional medical and surgical treatment for every individual.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is a JCI accredited hospital which means the highest of Infection control standards and patient care within all areas of the hospital. It is refreshing to be greeted by the beautiful ladies in pink and witness the extreme professionalism of the Health Care Team.